Montessori with your 15 month old is so much fun! Your child is growing so quickly and you don’t want to miss any opportunity to help them along their way.

Although it may seem to an outsider that your child hasn’t changed much from the last few months, there could be nothing further from the truth. Your child is going through so many changes, Montessori is a great way to help conquer your child’s newest goals (like potty training!)

Keep in mind your child may be still interested in materials or activities from earlier months and that is perfectly ok. Each child learns at there own pace as well as has their own unique interests so try to follow your child’s lead above all else.

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Montessori with your 15 month old


Montessori with your 15 month old – 18 month old



Montessori with your 15 month old

Preparing your environment is something that constantly needs to be evaluated as your child grows through different developmental stages. This will help support your child’s independence and through his/her sensitive periods which we will talk about below.

If you haven’t switched your child to a floor bed yet, it’s not too late. The low bed offers your child a better perception of their environment and allows them to move forward in their path towards independence.

Self-care is starting to be a very important part of your toddler’s life. Help your toddler gain independence by setting up a self-care station in the bathroom, a self-serve snack station in the kitchen, and low-level access to their clothing in their bedroom. 

The area for work should be set up with aids for independence, age-appropriate toys and materials and practical life activities. Use these aids for independence to start preparing your area for work:

  • Child Sized Chair
  • Child Sized Table
  • Stools
  • Child Sized Wardrobe
  • Low Shelves
  • Learning Tower



Montessori with your 15 month old

Storing your child’s materials on an eye-level shelf in your main living space is best.  Anywhere between 6-12 toys or materials is a good number to have out at one time. Also, keep in mind that rotating the materials every few weeks is highly suggested. 

Around 6-8 books can be set out as well. You can use a forward facing bookshelf or basket to store them. As long as your child can see the front of the book when making a selection rather than the spine of the book.

Using an educational program such as Monti Kids will be of great help. This program is designed to take the guesswork out of finding Montessori materials suitable for your toddler.

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Here are just a few materials your 15-18 month old may be interested in:

  • Stacking Blocks
  • Discs on Vertical Dowel
  • Coin Box
  • Wooden Balls on Pegs
  • Small Drum
  • Shape Sorter
  • Child Sized Broom
  • Ball Tracker
  • 3-4 Piece Puzzles
  • Schleich Animals
  • Object Permanence Box
  • Learning Tower
  • Child Safe Knife
  • Board Books
  • Scrubbing Brush
  • Child Sized Table & Chairs
  • Small Glass
  • Small Pitcher
  • Child Sized Lounge Chair



Montessori with your 15 month old

Upon beginning a new activity or presenting a new material you need to remember that your child is only just learning to concentrate. As your child grows older he/she will be able to concentrate for longer periods of time. 

It is important to note, not to correct the child when they are concentrating. It is suggested to wait until they are finished and then model the correct way to use the material for them continuing to present and model the activity or material to them each time until they correctly use the item.

Throwing and getting frustrated is a toddler’s way of communicating that a task is too difficult. If your child continues to get upset with an activity it is best to take it out of rotation and bring it back out later. Most of the time you will find that your child just wasn’t ready for that particular activity and that they needed more time to be developmentally prepared to comprehend the task.

Here are some activities your 15-18 month old may enjoy:

  • Climbing
  • 3-4 Piece Wooden Puzzles
  • Using Open & Close Items
  • Transferring Work
  • Pouring Work
  • Scooping Work
  • Coloring with Crayons
  • Coloring with Colored Pencil
  • Using Key with Lock
  • Screwing Lid on Bottle
  • Play Reading Books
  • Point & Name Animals
  • Point & Name Body Parts
  • Using Dot Stickers

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Montessori with your 15 month old

Practical life activities are important because they allow your child to feel part of a community. They promote sensorial exploration, language development, and independence.

Start to introduce practical life activities to your child by first observing your child’s interests. Present the activity to your child remembering to practice beforehand. Starting with one activity and building more and more. Practical life can be done in the kitchen, bathroom, outside, and just about anywhere in the home!

Start by trying one of these practical life activities and building from there:

  • Slicing Banana
  • Load and Unload Dishwasher
  • Drinking from a Glass
  • Putting Groceries Away
  • Sorting Silverware
  • Help Washing Dishes
  • Using a Fork to Eat
  • Using a Spoon to Eat
  • Brushing Teeth
  • Add Ingredients to Bowl
  • Mixing Ingredients
  • Pouring Liquids
  • Brushing Hair
  • Putting Clothes Away
  • Turning Lights Off and On
  • Sorting Rocks

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Montessori with your 15 month old

The child’s absorbent mind (age 0 – 6 years) is driven by what Maria Montessori identified as sensitive periods in development. Follow your child’s lead for his/her cues of sensitive periods beginning. Try not to underestimate your child’s ability or work. If he/she is doing certain work over and over, they are probably in their sensitive period for that work/task.

Here’s a list of sensitive periods your child may be experiencing at this age:

  • Movement Birth-6 Years
    • Gross & Fine Motor Development Birth-2.5 Years
  • Language Birth-6 Years
  • Sensory Skills Birth-5 Years
    • Small Objects 1 Year – 3.5 Years
  • Emotional Control Birth-2.5 Years
  • Toilet Learning 12 Months-18 Months
  • Order 1 Year – 3.5 Years

Learn more about sensitive periods and how they affect your child by clicking here.

Remember that your child is in their first plane of development. Maria Montessori described this time as the absorbent mind. Your child is watching you. You should be modeling the behavior you desire your child to have.


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What questions do you have about Montessori with your 15 month old? Pop them in the comments below so I can help you get started with your Montessori journey!


Disclaimer: This isn’t the end all be all for Montessori with your 15 month old to 18 month old. Montessori is largely based on following your child’s lead, knowing that every child is unique, there can not be one set standard for every child.  Use this information as it suits your child.




Holly is an education consultant for modern-day moms, using step by step guides to bring Montessori into more homes. Holly blogs at This Toddler Life where she shares her love for Montessori. When Holly isn’t helping other moms she’s spending time with her family. Their love of nature and travel takes them on many adventures around the world.

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