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3 Montessori Mindset Shifts

Is your toddler in the let me do it myself stage? I know, I know – it’s exciting and scary all at the same time. And it’s EXACTLY what I addressed in my recent Monday’s Montessori LIVE training! (If you want to catch these trainings truly, LIVE so you can interact and ask me questions […]

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How to use a Montessori Work Period at Home

work period

Confused about what a work period is and how to implement it in your home vs. a classroom? Want to know when and how long your child should have access to their materials on the shelves? Just wondering when you can let them have free range of their toys? If any of these questions are […]

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What Montessori station should I create next?

Whether you’re new to Montessori or have been practicing for a while, it’s no secret that setting up Montessori stations can be overwhelming. Which is the most important? What station will my child use the most? Which is age appropriate for my child now? My goal as a Montessori guide is to simplify Montessori and […]

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3 Main Components to Montessori Stations

It’s easy to get caught up in fancy Montessori stations. Like remodeled IKEA play kitchens with running water and wallpaper in a self-serve snack station. But the fact is, with Montessori, fancy is not necessary. There is more behind snack stations (or any station for that matter) besides allowing your child full access to the […]

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