Montessori Expectations

managing montessori expectations

Often, Montessori expectations are so, insanely high that they can actually derail our journey. If you find yourself asking; “Am I Montessori enough?” “Can I afford to practice Montessori?” “How do I deal with the questions and/or criticisms of our Montessori lifestyle from friends and family members?” “How do I feel SUCCESSFUL when it comes […]

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Affordable Montessori

affordable montessori

Pinterest, Google, TikTok, Insta they’re all full of BEAUTIFULLY curated Montessori spaces. But what about affordable Montessori? Of course, these are great places to turn for some inspiration, but for some of us, these picture perfect Montessori set-ups can be a bit overwhelming. Which is exactly why I wanted to give you four easy ways […]

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How to Manage Toy Rotations (Without losing your mind)!

Whether you’re familiar with Montessori or the concept of Montessori is new to you, toy rotations can be daunting. There’s so much information out there, how do we know where to start? That’s exactly the reason I went LIVE in our Montessori Toddler’s FB group. If you’re interested in learning more about toy rotations and […]

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