3 Main Components to Montessori Stations

Montessori self-serve snack station

It’s easy to get caught up in fancy Montessori stations. Like remodeled IKEA play kitchens with running water and wallpaper in a self-serve snack station. But the fact is, with Montessori, fancy is not necessary. There is more behind snack stations (or any station for that matter) besides allowing your child full access to the […]

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4 Myths About Montessori at Home

Myths About Montessori at Home

You’re interested in implementing Montessori at home – but it all just seems so overwhelming…time consuming…not to mention a ton of money. I’m here to tell you that Montessori at home doesn’t have to be ANY of those things. In my latest Montessori Monday training (which you can catch live in my Montessori Toddler’s Facebook […]

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Managing Emotions During the Holidays


‘Tis the season! The season of thankfulness, family, friends, wonderful food, joy….and strong emotions. Our own emotions are on edge, our children’s emotions are fragile, and our families are sure to be feeling those strong emotions as well. Which is why it’s more important than ever to be aware of those emotions and go into […]

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