How wonderful that you have found Montessori for your young baby! Montessori for 0-6 month olds is such a rewarding time. Supporting your baby through each new milestone is what Montessori parenting is all about!


Montessori for your 0-6 month old. Learn how to start practicing Montessori with your baby today!

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Montessori for 0-6 month olds



Preparing your home environment is vital to practicing Montessori with your 0-6 month old. There are 4 main areas of the home environment to focus on. The following are some items you may want to include in each area of your home.

Area for Sleep:

Area for Movement:

  • Movement Mat
  • Mirror
  • Low Shelf

Area for Feeding:

  • Nursing/Feeding Chair
  • Foot Stool
  • Side Table

Area for Physical Care:

  • Change Table



Montessori materials at this young age of 0-6 months include visually stimulating mobiles, familiar objects and grasping materials. Providing the materials in a carefully prepared area for movement will allow your child to fill their days with the much needed tools for development.

Using an educational program such as Monti Kids will be of great help. This program is designed to take the guesswork out of finding Montessori materials suitable for your baby. Learn more about Monti Kids and how they can help you find age-appropriate Montessori materials by clicking here!  Use code HOLLY60 to get $60 off your first order.

Here are just a few materials your 0-6 month old may be interested in:

  • Bell Rattle
  • Ball w/Protrusions
  • Interlocking Discs
  • Wooden Grasping Stick
  • Wooden Grasping Beads
  • Bell Rattle
  • Bell Roller
  • Crotched Soft Balls
  • Soft Books
  • Montessori Mobiles



For the first 5-6 months you should aim to support a child’s visual, tactile, and auditory senses.  The following are some activities that do just that! Get your 5  FREE Montessori By Age Activity Lists Here! 

Montessori mobiles:

  • Munari
  • Gobbi
  • Octahedron
  • Dancers

Household items:

  • Basket 
  • Wooden Spoon
  • Wooden Ball
  • Little Brush

*Offer one familiar grasping object at a time. They should vary in terms of texture, weight, color, shape.



Although most of the practical life activities we talk about on this blog are aimed at toddlers, a young baby still experiences practical life. From the beginning of their lives, babies experience practical life because the activities are done to them. For instance, feeding, diaper changing, bathing, etc.



The child’s absorbent mind (0 – 6) is driven by what Maria Montessori identified as sensitive periods in development. Follow your child’s lead for his/her cues of sensitive periods beginning.

Here’s a list of sensitive periods your baby may be experiencing at this age:

  • Movement Birth-6 Years
    • Gross & Fine Motor Development Birth-2.5 Years
  • Language Birth-6 Years
  • Sensory Skills Birth-5 Years
  • Emotional Control Birth-2.5 Years

Learn more about sensitive periods and how they affect your child by clicking here.


Ready to take the next step into Montessori living? Join us in The Montessori Learning Center to learn everything you need to know about Montessori with your 0-6 month old! Click the image below to learn more.



What questions do you have about Montessori for 0-6 month olds? Pop them in the comments below so I can help you get started with your Montessori journey!


Disclaimer: This isn’t the end all be all with Montessori for 0-6 month olds. Montessori is largely based on following your child’s lead, knowing that every child is unique, there can not be one set standard for every child.  Use this information as it suits your child.

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