Looking to practice more Montessori BUT tired of all the confusion and overwhelm?

You’re a busy mom and you’ve got a million and one things going on right now. Do you ever just need to skip the overwhelm and get straight to the point?

Oh, you’re in just the right place, mama!!

That’s where I come in.

I’m Rachel, and I work with busy moms who are ready to bring more Montessori into their homes.

Being one of the only Montessori advocates in my industry that has a modern approach on how to incorporate more Montessori into your home, I know you just need an easy step by step guide. With the support of thousands of readers and hundreds of clients, I have published several articles for Motherly, Montessori Rocks and partnered with Monti Kids for several projects.

Montessori doesn't have to be an all or nothing practice. How do I know? Because that’s how we do things in our home. We like to practice practical life skills such as cooking and cleaning but that doesn’t mean we don’t watch a movie or 2 on a rainy day. We are huge fans of following our child’s lead. And lastly, we have several Montessori materials in our home that get used daily but we also have a few loud and noisy toys too.

Finding your family's balance is what it’s all about! Adopt the Montessori principles you love and leave the rest. No judgment here!

Ready to get started practicing Montessori today?

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