Hi, I’m Holly! Originally from Nebraska in the US, I have moved around quite a lot in recent years. In 2011, I moved to Australia and ended up meeting the man of my dreams, father of my child, my husband Nick Daniel. We got married after knowing each other for only 10 months (I’m sure there were some bets going on at that wedding) making me Holly Daniel.

Since marrying my husband we have lived in Nebraska, Puerto Rico, back to Nebraska and now we are back to where it all began, Exmouth, Australia. In 2015 we welcomed our loving and energetic daughter Aneira into our lives. She has changed our lives forever and call me crazy but I have been looking forward to these toddler years.

We live a Minimalist & Montessori lifestyle whenever possible in our home. Minimalism comes easy for us with all the moving we do. Montessori is also a very natural fit for all of us. Montessori allows you to watch your child complete a task or activity with such great confidence and independence. One of the many reasons we fell in love with Montessori.

It’s been quite a crazy ride to get to where I am today but I must say that being a mom has been the biggest challenge so far. I’m learning as I go here and I’d love for you to stay updated!  If you haven’t checked out What is Montessori & 5 Easy Ways to Begin you should definitely check it out.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy This Toddler Life.

Holly xx