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Practical life skills are arguably one of the most important things for your toddler to be learning. These skills teach your child how to do things for themselves and grow into a self-sufficient adult. Creating independence and confidence through every skill they achieve, these life skills will stay with them for their entire life.


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Often parents overlook practical life skills naming them chores or activities that are only meant for adults. This is just not true. When we are cleaning, cooking and taking care of ourselves we should have our toddlers right alongside us, learning from every move we make. Today I’m going to be talking all about Montessori practical life activities. We are going to see just where you can be adding more Montessori activities into your day!


Practical life skills in the kitchen


7 Ways To Practice Practical Life Skills In The Kitchen


1. Chopping

Your toddler will love using a wavy knife to chop pretty much anything! Bananas, lettuce, cucumbers, and apples are our toddler favorites. You’ll want to keep a close eye on your child at all times when using any tools in the kitchen.


2. Mixing

When you are cooking something bring your child up to your level and let them experience cooking for themselves. The easiest way to get them involved is by letting them mix whatever you are making.


3. Measuring

This can be done at all different skill levels. If your child is not yet capable of measuring precisely then perhaps you can explain to them what you are doing and then let them do the pouring and mixing.


4. Washing Dishes

This is a fan favorite at our house! Pull up your learning tower and let them have at it. A Tupperware bowl and a few spoons to wash are usually enough fun for this practical life activity. Don’t forget the water and bubbles of course!


5. Sweeping Floors

Using a child-sized broom your child will be able to mock how you sweep your floor. You can even let them sweep some bigger items into the pan and put it in the trash.


6. Mopping Floors

Using a mop, bucket and towel your toddler will love scrubbing the floor with you. Just be sure to show them how to dry it too or you will be slipping and sliding around the room!


7. Self Help Station

By far one of the best things we have added to our kitchen. Allowing your child to get their own snack and water creates independence almost immediately! You can read more about creating toddler independence here.

If you’re looking for more ways to incorporate Montessori into your home be sure to check out Monti Kids. This educational program takes the work out of finding the right age-appropriate materials for your toddler. Just click here and use code HOLLY60 to get $60 off your first order.


Have you tried any of these practical life activities? Let me know how it went in the comments below!

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Muna Reply

Hi Holly ,

I have read your articles and applied existing ideas to convert my home into the Montessori system. My little girl is feeling free and happy

    Holly Reply

    Montessori truly is such a wonderful gift to give to our children! I’m so happy to hear that your daughter is enjoying the Montessori way of life. 🙂
    Holly xx

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