Montessori Selfcare Station

Many Montessori benefits come from letting children explore in a self-directed way that prioritizes sensory exploration. For this reason, a Montessori self-care station is so important. Creating independence in everyday tasks is key to seeing these Montessori benefits in your toddler.


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Similiar to a self-help station a self-care station acts as a way for your toddler to gain independence by starting to take care of themselves. You can use this station in the bathroom or in their bedroom whichever suits your needs the most.


How to create a Montessori self-care station.


Here are some ways a self-care station can help:

  • Encouraging independence.
  • Adapting a routine.
  • Learn to wash hands.
  • Learning to brush teeth.
  • Grooming themselves.
  • Learn to dress themselves

When you are ready to create your toddler’s Montessori self-care station you will want to have certain items available to your child. While these items may differ from home to home these are the most basic self-care items your toddler will use.


Creating a Montessori Self-Care Station




Your child is not expected to be able to use all these items without assistance. They will need your help until they have mastered each skill. Practicing and making this a part of your everyday routine will allow your child to become independent in self-care much quicker. They will gain a strong sense of pride from being able to complete these tasks on their own.


Instagram Inspiration!

Here are a few examples of beautiful self-care stations from Montessori parents on Instagram:

Creating a Montessori Self-Care Station

PHOTO CREDIT: Shannon Tredrea

Creating a Montessori Self-Care Station


Creating a Montessori Self-Care Station



If you would like to learn more about Montessori practical life skills check out 7 Ways To Practice Practical Life Skills In The Kitchen by clicking here.

Are you thinking about creating a Montessori self-care station? I would love to hear your ideas! Leave a comment in the section below and let me know what you are planning!

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Elena Reply

Hi Holly,
Referring to previous comments, we also have and extra tiny toilet, where we can barely fit his potty. In the kitchen/living room are we have an Ikea kitchen for playing, which we are planning to hack, so that our child can have access to water by himself with a water dispenser bottle. To that regard I was thinking to perhaps add a mirror by the sink to try and combine the kitchen with the self care station purposes. Is that something I should do or should I try to keep purposes/ambients separated? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks, Elena

    Colleen H Reply


    Ideally I’d try and keep kitchen prep and self care stations separate. At the same time, we all need to make accommodations with the space we have and that’s okay too. I think a side by side layout could work out well. I wouldn’t want to store the self care items in the IKEA kitchen, but if you could place the mirror and a small shelf next to it I think that would be enough separation.

    xx TTL Team Member

Elaine Barnes Reply

This looks good but my grandson is only one years old. He does not live near by so setting this up is for the future.

    Colleen H Reply


    That’s great! He’ll have a prepared environment ready and waiting for when he visits you!

    TTL Team Member

Yvonne Reply

Hello there,
Our bathroom is tiny and there is literally no space to put a self-care station anywhere. Our bathtub is too high too and I would rather my 12 month old doesn‘t have to climb up on a stool. Would it be okay to place the station into a different room like his bedroom or the hallway? Any thoughts and ideas would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

    Holly Reply


    Yes, you can put the self-care station in another room if the bathroom does not work. Some have the self-care station in the kitchen but whatever works for you is fine!

    Holly xx

Mili Reply

If i dont have a place where i can keep these items out at all times, woild it still somewhat work if i place the items needed (comb, toothbrush, toothpaste) on a mini tray and take it out when needed? Step stool to reach sink and mirror are already there.

    Holly Reply

    If you give your child access to the mini tray that would work fine. The idea is that he can complete the task with no assistance from an adult. 🙂

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