How to talk to your family about Montessori

Montessori is becoming more and more popular but just like anything “new” some people will have reservations. You may experience some of these reservations from well-meaning family and friends. The best thing you can do is to talk to your family about Montessori, be an open book!

Grandparents are usually the number one offenders in this department because they are notorious for spoiling their grandchildren. And honestly, who doesn’t love seeing their child being spoiled with all that Grandpa and Grandma love! It’s the extra treats (AKA sugar) and loud, flashy, noisy toys that we cringe at.

In this article, I’m going to focus on things you can do to talk to your family about Montessori and woo them into loving Montessori too! Ready? Let’s go!


How to talk to your family about Montessori.


How to talk to your family about Montessori


Talk to them.

Ok this sounds silly but think about it, have you actually sat down and talked to them about why you want to practice Montessori? Give them some easy to read resources and ask them to read through them. They just might start to agree with you! Try referencing this video to help explain:


Don’t assume anything.

A lot of times people have a negative opinion about something before they even know what it is. When you decide to sit down and talk to your family make sure you use beginner language and just explain the fundamental parts of Montessori. Nothing too intense just a good clear description like in this article, What is Montessori and 5 Easy Ways to Begin.


Warn them about changes.

This is where things can get hairy. If you are 100% practicing Montessori then you are probably going to be pretty strict as to what comes into your home for birthdays, Christmas time and other gift-giving holidays. This is where the well-meaning family may have some issues. BUT if you warn them before these events (like months before) hopefully they will follow your wishes and stick to your guidelines.


SHOW them!

Sometimes it takes time to get family or friends onboard and there’s not much you can really do or say to sway certain people. That’s okay because when they see your child independently working on a task on their own initiative (like making their own breakfast without help!), they will understand. It just takes time for some people to come around to a new way of thinking.


Hard love.

If all else fails, remember you are the parent and you are responsible for raising your child to the best of your ability. Reminding family of this may be what you need to do if they just won’t listen. If this is the case you may also want to check out the article, How to Handle Unwanted Gifts when you Practice Montessori.


In short, the best thing you can do is be an open book to family and friends about your new way of life and hope they embrace it with an open mind. If not, set clear ground rules and stick to them, just like you do with your toddler. 😉


Ready to take the next step into Montessori living?

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J Reply

Actually there’s loads of research to say homework is detrimental at primary level. Our mainstream school has only a reader for homework. It’s very common in Australia .

Suha Vijay Reply

Nicely explained. I use most of these tips already as a Montessori mom to talk to the extended family and well-meaning neighbors. But the place I stumble upon is “why our kids alone don’t have prescribed books or homeworks/assignments?” Whatever answer I give them doesn’t seem to appease their nervousness about how my kid would grow up

    Holly Reply

    I have had similar questions from family and yes sometimes they just won’t let go of their thinking. That is ok they are allowed to have their own opinions. Just remember, you are the parent and it is your responsibility to raise your children to the best of your ability. When they see what beautiful young adults your children turn into they won’t be asking about the homework anymore. 😉

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