Montessori with your 0-3 year old is the most rewarding way to way to raise a child. I have seen it with my own eyes through raising my own children and working with thousands of other parents.

BUT there are a few lies you are being told about Montessori and I’m here to tell you the truth about them all!


5 Lies about Montessori with your 0-3 year old




LIE #1

You have to practice Montessori PERFECTLY to consider yourself “Montessori”.

This is just so not true! In fact, I’d like to argue that all those “Pinterest perfect” photos out there aren’t showing the whole picture. Comparing our story to anyone else is not ok. Focus on what works for you and your family first. If that means only practicing some Montessori, well guess what, that’s better than none!


LIE #2

Your child will be able to practice Montessori activities ALL day long.

Wrong! When your child is between the ages of 0-3 you shouldn’t expect them to be sitting and concentrating for hours at a time. You’ll be starting with a few minutes if you have an infant and working up to 2-3 hour work periods by the time they are 3.


LIE #3

You have to do everything exactly “Montessori” to reap the benefits.

I touched on this on the first lie but I feel the need to repeat myself. You don’t have to do #allthethings to be Montessori. In fact, if you don’t do anything but practice the mindsets you are probably ahead of the majority!


LIE #4

Traditional Montessori is the only way to practice Montessori.

First of all, let me just remind you that this education system was built over 100 years ago! We can all agree that some things have changed since then. Adapting to a different way of practicing Montessori is not only ok, but it’s also necessary! Don’t let the traditionalists get you down, they’re stuck in their old ways and unable to see the benefits of moving forward with positive change.


LIE #5

You need to have an AMAZING home set up to practice Montessori at home.

Wrong again! Yes, wooden toys are expensive, that is true. BUT you don’t need every wooden toy out there. Buy what you can, DIY what you can, but most importantly make sure you are practicing the Montessori principles! That’s where the long-lasting benefits come from.


In the end, the important thing to remember is that we all have our own lives, our own cultures, our own parenting styles. We will never all be alike but that’s what makes us so wonderful!

Use Montessori to guide you through your parenting journey. As long you are trying you’re ahead of the pack! In time, you will see how rewarding Montessori can be!


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