Montessori Materials Guide For Your Baby

This Montessori materials guide for your baby is perfect for deciding which material you should give your baby next!

If you have a toddler this is a 2 part article and the Montessori materials guide for your toddler can be found by clicking here


Montessori materials guide for your baby!

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Montessori materials at the young age of 0-6 months include visually stimulating mobiles, familiar objects, and grasping materials. Montessori materials at the age of 6-12 months start to become a little more complex allowing the child to concentrate longer.

Providing the materials in a carefully prepared area for movement will allow your child to fill their days with the much-needed tools for development.

Using an educational program such as Monti Kids is a great way to provide new age-appropriate materials to your home. Learn more about Monti Kids and how they can help you find Montessori materials by clicking here! Use code HOLLY60 to get $60 off your first order.


Montessori Materials Guide For Your Baby

In an order that your baby might enjoy them:

  1. Montessori Mobiles  Bell Rattle
  2. Horizontal Mirror
  3. Interlocking Discs
  4. Wooden Grasping Stick
  5. Bell Rattle  Wooden Grasping Stick
  6. Bell Roller
  7. Cylinder with Balls/Rolling Drum
  8. Ball w/Protrusions Ball w/Protrusions
  9. Crotched Soft Balls
  10. Basket with Known Objects
  11. Pull Up Bar & Mirror   Pull Up Bar & Mirror
  12. Rings & Beg on Stable Base  
  13. Object Permanence Box #1 Object Permanence Box #1
  14. Weaning Table
  15. Weaning Chair
  16. Weaning Set
  17. One-piece puzzles
  18. Rings & Peg on Rocking Base  Rings & Peg on Rocking Base 
  19. Object Permanence Box #2 
  20. Ball Tracker Ball Tracker
  21. Horizontal D
  22. Horizontal Dowel
  23. Peg Box Peg Box
  24. Coin Box Coin Box
  25. Multi-Shape Puzzle
  26. Push Box w/Balls  Push Box w/Balls 

Be sure to check back next week for the 2nd part of this article featuring materials for toddlers!

Does your baby have a favorite Montessori material? If so share with us in the comments below and give another parent some new ideas!

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Sara Zielinski Reply

Thank you for this list! I love the Amazon links too which makes making my Christmas list for family quick & easy in this crazy motherhood life. Keep up the great work!

    Holly Reply

    I’m so glad it is helpful Sara! So many wonderful Montessori products out there! Holly xx

Angela Reply

Hello! Can you speak on the quality of the heir + loom kids products? Unfortunately many Montessori materials are not made to spec (weight, height, etc) and the quality is often poor (low quality or puzzle pieces do not match well, etc). Thank you!

    Holly Reply

    Yes we have the heir loom baby set mentioned in the post and it is of great quality. Everything is exactly what it looks like in their pictures. A great company that I 100% stand behind. You won’t be disappointed. Holly xx

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