The Montessori materials guide for your toddler is finally here! Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift or just want to beef up those Montessori shelves these are the Montessori materials you should be putting on your list!

If you have a Montessori baby, no sweat, last week we covered Montessori materials for your baby but this week is all about the toddler!


Montessori materials guide for your toddler.

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Knowing which materials to give your child next can be a stress when practicing Montessori at home. Using Monti Kids to help take the guesswork out of finding Montessori materials is a great way to ditch the overwhelm.

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Montessori Materials Guide For Your Toddler

In an order your 1-3 year might enjoy them:

  1. Play Silks
  2. Object Permanence Box #1
  3. 1-2 Piece Puzzles
  4. Peg Box
  5. Learning Tower
  6. Ball Tracker
  7. Discs on Vertical Dowel
  8. Coin Box
  9. Object Permanence Box #2
  10. Pickler’s Triangle
  11. Horizontal Dowel
  12. Wooden Nesting Dolls
  13. Box with Bins
  14. Multi Shape Puzzle
  15. Shape Mailbox
  16. Schleich Animals
  17. Bead Stringing
  18. Color Sorting
  19. Lock and Key
  20. Box with Cylinders
  21. Marble Run
  22. Shapes on Pegs
  23. Handbells
  24. Knobbed Cylinders
  25. Threading Kit
  26. Color Box
  27. Zipping Frame
  28. Snapping Frame
  29. Velcro Frame
  30. Imbucare Box w/Flip Lid – 4 Shapes
  31. Imbucare Board w/Kint Ball
  32. Flower Arranging
  33. Hangs Clothes to Dry
  34. Large Buttons Dressing Frame
  35. Short-Tall & Narrow-Wide Knob Puzzles
  36. Balance Board
  37. Mystery Bag
  38. Bolts and Nuts on a Base
  39. Screws on a Base
  40. Cloth Washing
  41. Weather Recorder
  42. Knobless Cylinders
  43. Folding Napkins
  44. Thermic Bottles
  45. Smelling Bottles
  46. Tasting Bottles
  47. Shoe Polishing
  48. Scissor Work
  49. Operating a Dropper
  50. Brown Stairs
  51. Pink Tower 
  52. Botany Puzzles
  53. Animal Body Parts Puzzles
  54. Red Rods
  55. Geometric Solids & Bases

This Montessori materials guide for your toddler isn’t the end all be all but it should definitely help you get a better idea of what’s next for the toddler in your life!

Which materials are next on your list? Share with us in the comments what you are most looking forward to seeing your toddler work with!

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Jessica S Reply

Hi Holly, my little one is 10 months and just want to know how far down the list 1 year old would be estimated? I know it varies from child to child but as you stated…it’s 1-3 years and we are limited for space so don’t want to be getting in materials too early. Any guidance would be great. I have many of the top section of the list already.

    Colleen H Reply


    We have it broken down a little further for you here, 6-12 Months, and here if you’d like to see the stage they’ll be going into next, 12-15 Months. Hope this helps!

    TTL Team Member

sophie Reply

I have bought the nuts and bolts and the sensory scare for my daughter, I know she will love them!

    Holly Reply

    That’s great! I bet she will love them!

    Holly xx

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