It’s that time of year again when parents and caregivers start scouring the internet to find gifts for children. However, as we all know this year has been rather… well, different to say the least. This Montessori Gift Guide will introduce you to some smaller shops that perhaps you are not familiar with, but could use our support.

Montessori Gift Guide

Montessori Gift Guide

Ages 0-12 months

Montessori Gift Guide
1. Heirloom Kids 0-4 Month Collection
2. Heirloom Kids 4-8 Month Collection
3. Papa Don’s Toys Gift Set of 3 Rattles
4. Tiny Fox Hole Traditional Dinosaur Rattle with Peas
5. Tiny Fox Hole Wooden Koala Bear Rattle
6. Tiny Fox Hole Fox Rattle with Bell
7. Kitchen Dye Works Set of 6 Rainbow Playsilks – Bright and Bold
8. Heirloom Kids 8-12 Month Collection
9. Papa Don’s Toys Wooden Duck Pull Toy



Ages 12-24 months

Montessori Gift Guide

1. Everwood Friends My First Block Set
2. Weleful Toys Peg & Cup Matching Set
3. For Felix Too 4 Seat Peg Doll Van/Bus
4. Papa Don’s Toys Wooden Lawnmower Push Toy
5. Papa Don’s Toys Rainbow Ring Stacker
6. Papa Don’s Toys 25 Piece Wooden Threading Set
7. Heirloom Kids Montessori Size Discrimination Peg Toy
8. Heirloom Kids Six Piece Chunky Shape Puzzle
9. Heirloom Kids Hammer Peg Toy



Ages 24-36 months


Montessori Gift Guide


1. Benedykt & Sylvester Children’s Baking Set
2. Treasures from Jennifer Small Geo Board
3. Forest Melody Store Wooden Fox Set 
4. Cranberry Creek Forest Jewels and Gemstones
5. Mirus Toys 10 Frame with Number Tracing
6. Mirus Toys Bird Feet Playdough Stamp
7. Sensory Play 9 Piece Rainbow Stacker
8. Manzanita Kids Modular Wood Octopus Set
9. Little Renegades Mindful Kids Cards


You might also like to check out the Montessori Learning Center. With a new Montessori inspired curriculum (including dozens of printables) sent out each month, it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Montessori Gift Guide

Do you have any of these Montessori gift guide materials at home? Let us know your favorite materials in the comments below!

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