Toddler subscription box

If you’ve been searching for some new Montessori friendly toys for your child, a toddler subscription box is a great idea. A toddler subscription box is a great way to try out a variety of items at a reasonable price. And they make a great gift option, too!

In this post, we are going to talk about my favorite Montessori toddler subscription box.


Toddler Subscription box

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Montessori Toddler Subscription Box 

I have been practicing Montessori since birth with my youngest child and we have loved our Lovevery baby subscription boxes. They fit perfectly into our Montessori lifestyle and my kids love getting their play kits in the mail!

I was so relieved and happy when they announced that they were introducing their new toddler subscription boxes! Now we can continue to receive our beloved age-appropriate Montessori toys delivered straight to our door.

The great thing about these subscription boxes is that we get only what we need to help our toddlers grow and learn. This is especially important for those who are just introducing Montessori into their homes. And those feeling overwhelmed with what toys and activities are Montessori approved.

These subscription boxes take all of the guesswork out of the equation and give you what you need when you need it. And you can trust that every item has been rigorously tested and is safe for your sweet little one.


Lovevery Play Kits

If you remember my blog post about our Lovevery baby play mat, you might recall that Lovevery started with their baby subscription boxes. These baby play kits go from newborn age all the way to 12 months old and give your baby fun and engaging toys to help develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and other important developmental milestones. 

Most importantly child development professionals designed all of the play kits for each stage. From birth all the way to three years old. Completely safe, they are all ASTM and CSPC safety certified and are designed to help foster your child’s brain development. I know that when it comes to your babies, you only want the best. 

Some of the available toddler play kit options from Lovevery include The Babbler (ages 13-15 months old). This kit includes a fun slide and seek ball run box that teaches your child about object permanence, a colorful wooden ring stacker that helps your child learn how things fit together a wooden coin bank with coins that will help your child with fine motor activity, and other fun age-appropriate toys that your child will love.

Another play kit option is The Helper (ages 25-27 months). This kit includes the Lovevery super sustainable sink with cups and plates that allows your toddler to wash dishes and play in the water for hours. Teaching them valuable life skills. Another toy included in this kit is the drop and match dot catcher. Which gives your toddler hours of individual playtime. 

How It Works

Lovevery makes it super easy for you to get the very best Montessori-friendly toys for your child. No matter what stage they are in. 


  • Fill in your child’s date of birth
  • Choose the appropriate play kit for your child’s age group
  • Complete your order and wait for your play kit to arrive!

In addition, if your child has special needs and you have questions or concerns about what kit might be best for them, Lovevery has a support team that’s ready to help you with recommendations. 

Every three months a play kit gets delivered right to your door. However, every 2 months for baby play kits! Therefore, you can even send a play kit to a friend or family member as a thoughtful gift!

Check out all of the available play kits here. 


Toddler subscription box

Have you tried the Lovevery subscription box? Leave a comment below to let us know what you think!

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