How to start living a minimalist life. Simple life.

This week is all about how to start living a minimalist life. Follow along for some great tips on how to create more time to do the things you actually want to be doing.

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Living a Minimalist Life


When I began writing about minimalism I thought “Am I minimalist enough to call myself a minimalist?”

How do you qualify to be a minimalist?

We have the bare minimum when it comes to a lot of things, one car, one television, few wall hangings, simple bedrooms but we still somehow still manage to collect a lot of junk.

Is that enough? Have we made a big enough effort? I think so.

Any amount of minimalist is minimalist enough.

Each of our journeys is going to be different and that is ok, it is more than ok. We are allowed to follow our own path and shoot for our own goals. What one person considers clutter may not be the same for the next.

As long as you are actively living a minimalist lifestyle I think you are considered a minimalist no matter how small or big your efforts are.

How to start living a minimalist life. Simple life.



Starting your Minimalist Journey


You definitely want to take it slow if you are new to this whole lifestyle. Most people become quite attached to their material possessions without even knowing it. Then it comes time to ditch something and you can’t make the move.

Here are some reasonable goals to set for yourself for the first few weeks.


Start small

Don’t overwhelm yourself on your first day. Think of it like starting a new job. You don’t just go to work on your first day and dive right in. You have to get prepared to be able to handle the task. I suggest just cleaning your home so everything looks tidy and in place before you even begin.


Make a plan

Get your thoughts together. Write down what rooms or areas need the most de-cluttering and make a schedule that suits your current schedule.


Don’t overbook yourself

If you have a busy week don’t plan on doing a big task those days. Make sure you give yourself ample time to complete each area because it usually takes longer than you think it will.


Declutter your First Room

Once you have mapped out when you are available you want to start with your smallest task. I suggest a bathroom or hall closet. A room that is literally too small to hold enough stuff to take a long time to declutter.


Once you get the hang of decluttering your first room you will be eager to get to the rest of your house.

The feeling that comes with ditching material possessions is addicting.

You will feel lighter and freer immediately.

And let’s face it who doesn’t like instant gratification!

Besides material possessions, you can also start decluttering other areas such as your email inbox, your digital photos or your mind. You can do a digital detox from your phone. You could try not to spend any money for one whole day.

There are several ways to make a small start to living a minimalist life. The feeling of freedom is so strong that you will be ready to keep moving toward your goal of decluttering all your spaces.

If you need a bit of a nudge in the right direction please be sure to check out Beginners Guide to a Minimalist Lifestyle with Children. The guide comes with a schedule and checklist to get you set up and keep you on track through the 15 day email course.

Next week we will be talking all about letting go of ‘one day’. Letting go of things we treasure is always a struggle but I’ve got just the pep talk you need to throw out the “antiques” you have laying around your house.


Why did you become interested in a minimalist lifestyle? When did you begin your journey? Please fill me in! Leave your answer in the comments!








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