Seriously?! Seriously?! FOUR AM? Believe me when I say been there, still doing that. Let me tell you, I know exactly what doesn’t work to get your toddler to sleep longer.



I can honestly say we have tried everything and I am resolved to just thinking my child is an early bird. The worst name for a baby that wakes early, early, if you ask me. She’s up before those damn birds! When it’s pitch black out. I think in these cases “early birds” should be called morning monsters. Or maybe that would be the mom that is waking up with their early bird.

Anyways, since beginning our journey into our 4 am wake up time, which started about 3 months ago, we have tried a slew of advice and suggestions. I thought I’d put it all together so you can try it all and accompany me in my misery. Although, at this point, I’m pretty sure we are the only ones who can’t figure a solution out. Any who, here are our tried and fails.





They say a one-year-old is meant to have 11 hours of sleep at night. Our boo boo was going to bed at 7 pm and waking at 4 am. They say to try an earlier bedtime. So we do 6 pm bedtime and still get 4 am wake times. At least she gets 10 hours of sleep at night now instead of 9 hours, right?


Everyone and their small yapping dog will tell you to put them to bed later. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT try this. 4 am will still be your waking time and now you have an overtired toddler to deal with for an extra hour at night. Worst advice ever!


I was guilty of this. I was nursing my sleeping beauty to sleep before nap time and bedtime until about a month ago. Since we stopped nursing before bed she sleeps a lot better. Hardly any night time wakings, if any, but still awake at 4 am.


This was an issue with us as we try to follow a cry it out rule with night time wakings. So, if I go in and nurse her then put her back in bed she thinks anytime she wakes up she will get the boob. Also, it’s a sleep association. Plenty of moms have told me their little will go back to sleep for a few hours after this feeding but it just doesn’t work for us.


Around the age of 15-18 months, your bub should be transitioning from 2 naps to 1 nap. I was extremely reluctant to try this as once you cut the second nap you won’t be getting it back. This was our last resort. It, as all the others, has failed to get my early bird to sleep in longer. Now, I’m stuck with a 14-month-old who only naps once a day, goes to bed at 6 pm and wakes up at 4 am.


If I could give you one suggestion it’s to just go with it. Go to bed early and get up early. Make the best of converting from a night owl to an early bird. Watch the sunrise, dance in your living room before birds start to sing and drink as much coffee as you want because you deserve it! Here’s to those of us in bed by 7 and up at 4 am. May we someday see the moon again, go out to dinner after the senior citizen hour and watch Saturday Night Live, live, once again. Stay strong mamas, stay strong!





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