The travel bug has infected me for as long as I can remember. I have ALWAYS loved travelling. Now that we have our little girl, our travelling needs are just a bit different.

However, I don’t feel that means we should have to go to all the over priced, tacky family vacation locations either. Don’t get me wrong, Disney Land is never a bad vacation but…

A) we can’t afford to spend a few days there let alone a few weeks and

B) we prefer to move around the country we are in to really take in the culture.

Finding the best roadside coffee while biking down a volcano in Bali will always win next to over-priced amusement parks on our vacations. So if you are anything like us, you will find some excellent vacation spots in this article.

This is our top ten list with a couple things we are looking forward to doing in each vacation spot.

Our Cultural Vacation Bucket List…


Volunteer Program and Wildlife Rescue – A magnificent way to connect with nature by feeding, helping and learning about all the native animals. It is also great knowing that the majority of the animals will return to their natural habits after a bit of TLC.

Extreme Waterfall Tour – Often referred to as “the best thing to do in Costa Rica” by former visitors, this is a must see. The guide takes you through several waterfalls throughout the day stopping at each one to enjoy the view and a dip in the water. There is also several cliffs to jump from ranging from 15 feet to 75 feet for the adrenaline junkies.


Blue Lagoon – This is a geothermal lagoon with warm temperatures averaging around 104 degrees Fahrenheit. It is rumored to be a mineral-rich lagoon with curative powers. A definite must see for anyone’s vacation bucket list.

Puffin Watching Tour – A popular choice while in Iceland as they are over 60% of the world’s puffin population during the summer months. Kids will love watching the puffins in their natural habitat and if your lucky interacting with them as well.


Elephant Jungle Sanctuary – There are no shows, no rides and no harming of these elephants. You get to have some one on one time feeding, bathing and hugging the rescued elephants.

Tour Thailand’s Islands – Island hoping to a few of Thailand’s famous islands has got to be one of the best adventures out there. Taking in all the beauty around you on the boat to each island and kayaking around the shallows with your family once you get there.


Puerto Princessa Underground River – The longest navigable underground river in the world. Experiencing the majestic formations in the cave by boat is sure to be a hit with the whole family.

White Sand Beach – This beautiful beach stretches 4 kilometers long with white sand, clear water and palm trees. While this beach can get pretty busy the reason we put it on our bucket list is for it’s kid friendly waters and nearby markets and restaurants.


Plitvice Lakes National Park – Wonder along the wooden pathways and explore the breathtaking waterfalls and 16 interconnected lakes. This park is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the most popular of all 8 national parks in Croatia.

Sailing in Croatia – Seeing that Croatia has over 1000 islands it would be a shame to miss them. What a better way than to explore the otherwise unreachable parts of Croatia. Swimming in hidden bays with deserted beaches. Learning to sail or just relaxing and taking it all in.


The Alaska Railroad – This railroad offers a unique experience as you ride from Seward to Fairbanks with several stops in between. You can even reserve a seat in the glass-domed car with all the natural beauty Alaska has to offer this would be a great way to see it all.

Alaskan Cruise – Cruise by all of Alaska’s natural beauties such as glaciers, mountains, whale watching and waterfalls. There are several different cruise companies to choose from but which ever one you choose your family is sure to be up close and personal with nature at it’s finest.


Garden of the Sleeping Giant – Plenty of space for the kids to run around, this beautiful garden is easy to enjoy . You can wonder around the boardwalk or relax in a hammock with a fresh squeezed juice.

Glass Bottom Boat Tour – For those family members who can’t quite snorkel yet, a glass bottom tour is perfect. Everyone can experience the beauty of the Pacific Ocean from the safety of a boat. Plus, who doesn’t love a boat ride?


The Acropolis & Acropolis Museum –  A must see when travelling through Greece. The most famous attraction in all of Athens. Full of ancient ruins and history with panoramic views. Always a good idea to immerse yourself in a country’s history.

Elafonissi Beach – A perfect kid friendly beach with calm shallow waters. Boosting turquoise waters and white/pink sand, it’s sure to be a picture perfect day for a picnic at the beach.


Marrakech Souk – Who doesn’t love a good market and a bit of a bargain. This is an old town and bazaar full of food, drinks, leather goods, pottery and metals. Possibly even a snake charmer! I know we will get lost here all day exploring the shops and all their wonder.

Moroccan Cooking Classes – Fun for all ages, cooking classes allow you to really learn a lot about a new culture. From making spice mixes to kneading dough learning the way the local Moroccans cook is bound to be an absolute winner.


Ubud Monkey Forest- An iconic tourist stop in Ubud, Indonesia. Beautiful scenic walks through the Sacred Monkey Forest. You can feed the monkeys bananas but be careful because they aren’t afraid to jump all of you!

Rice Field Bike Tours- The best way to experience the rice fields and temples is by riding down the side of a volcano on a bicycle. Stopping along the way to take in the breath taking views and have some lunch with the locals.

There are so many beautiful places to see in the world it’s hard to imagine ever seeing them all. Hopefully, next time I’m talking about these amazing vacation spots I’ll be telling you how we fared with each of these family friendly activities.

We can’t wait to get to travelling!

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If you have ever had the opportunity to travel to any of these vacation spots I would absolutely love to hear about your families travels! Leave a comment with your tips and travel advice, I’d love to know your secrets!

Holly xx


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katie Reply

These are all great ideas! I am with you, the touristy spots are great, but these ideas- these awesome unique things are what its about. Great post!

    thistoddlerlife Reply

    I’m glad to hear someone loves travelling as much as we do! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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