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I never really thought I would be someone to homeschool my toddler. I never really gave it much thought at all before having a toddler. Now, there are many reasons I homeschool my toddler but I want to give you the 3 BIG reasons that always come up when talking to moms about homeschooling.

Before we get started on why you should homeschool your toddler I want to give you a chance at homeschooling too. My friend Jen and I have created a Mini Curriculum for “new to the homeschool world” moms. We created this 3-Day Mini Curriculum so that you can try it out with no big obligations of a year homeschooling or buying lots of materials. Enter your details below to get your copy sent straight to your email.

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Since becoming a mother I have done many things differently than I thought I would. I always thought I’d be doing engaging activities with my child all day long, but now we watch TV in the mornings.

I noticed things started to slip when TV time was not just in the morning but it was ALL morning long. I don’t know when or for how long it was like this but when I finally noticed it, I felt awful. I knew I needed to be spending more educational time with my daughter.

This is when I decided i needed a toddler curriculum. My friend, Jen, helped me put together a curriculum that has kept me and my toddler going for weeks! I immediately felt better and could see a change in attitude, knowledge, and engagement in my toddler. Besides all those benefits, I can take one powerful lesson away from this and that is that toddlers really do thrive when following a curriculum. 


Have you been thinking about homeschooling your toddler? Here are the 3 main reason I homeschool my toddler and why you should too!


I have talked to several other homeschooling moms and I wanted to share their message as well. When I asked what their reason for homeschooling was I got 3 common answers, and I agree.





Not every family can afford to send their child to preschool. This is often the reason a lot of moms end up homeschooling. It is interesting to note that they may not of been thinking of homeschooling in the beginning but many of them continued on because they fell in love with it.


You want to be the one teaching your child.

Have you ever worried that your child’s teacher might teach your child things you do not agree with? Well, you wouldn’t be alone in that thought. Another top reason that moms are homeschooling their toddlers is because they want to be giving their child their views about the world not someone else’s.


Giving the best to your child.

This ranks as number one in my book. I want to feel good about my time as a stay at home mom. I want to look back and know that I did everything I could to help my child succeed, in every way, including education.


Are you ready to give homeschooling a go? Let me know where you are with your homeschooling journey in the comments below!

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DUlce Reply

I tried to access the minicurriculum but it is asking me t suscribe for $30 a month.. is this correct?

    Holly Reply

    That is NOT correct. Have you added your email to the form above? When you add your email I will send the curriculum directly to your email address.

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