I literally stood behind my daughter while she was in her highchair crossing my fingers and praying she accepted my peace offering of watermelon this morning. When my teething baby isn’t happy it’s a constant struggle to get her to calm down, eat or do anything other than cry. While I do feel bad for my delicate flower, I feel bad for myself too.

For instance, my husband had a day off, finally, so we decided to head to the beach to soak up some of that sweet sweet Vitamin D. We took a chance and went to Turquoise Bay which is about 1/2 an hour away. All signs pointed to us having a great day (minimal crying kind of morning) and we were ready to adventure outside of our bubble that is our living room.

We drive all the way out there and just before we arrive, BOOM! Scream crying. If you don’t know what scream crying is allow me to explain. It’s the high pitch, blood-curdling, make your ears bleed kind of scream toddlers do for an undetermined amount of time in their lives.

When she gets like this I immediately turn on my husband (I know it’s not his fault but I can’t control my thoughts when my ears are bleeding!). Then because we can’t shout at our baby girl we start shouting at each other.

This all happens before we even get out of the car. You can imagine how the rest of our day went. Got on the beach, more scream crying. People giving us the ‘you’re ruining my beach day’ look, you know the one. We stay for a whopping 30 minutes and go home. You would’ve probably learned to bring Advil with you where ever you go.

Not us.

We don’t learn lessons at this house. We like to keep things spicy ’round here. So we rush home to give her some Advil and she transforms back into the sweet, lovable, cuddly daughter we had before that mother fudging molar decided to ruin our beach day.

With that nightmare of an experience fresh in my mind, I’ve decided to make a list of things that make my girl happy when she’s teething. And you best believe Advil will be on there.

Not that it’ll matter, we will forget it anyway.





#1 for a reason. When my sugar bear is teething she barely eats so this is a win, win.


If you are lucky (or unlucky) enough to still be breastfeeding just pretend you have a newborn again.

POPSICLES Obviously this is a hit because, hello, Popsicle!

Obviously this is a hit because, hello, Popsicle!


Watermelon, pineapple or mango to name a few. As I mentioned before getting my little to eat while teething is difficult. These are some good fruits to get some vitamins in her without too much of a struggle.


I would have thought brushing her teeth would be a nightmare but to my surprise it’s not. She loves chewing on the bristles. Easy.

FOAM FLIP FLOPS (dirty or clean) –

While I do NOT recommend these for the obvious choking hazard they pose, my sneaky pumpkin manages to chew on them any chance she gets. So I guess you could say toddler approved?


And last but not least, the ender of pain, the tear stopper, the item that never leaves the list or my house, Advil.


NONE and I mean NONE of the teethers gave her any relief. I know because we tried ALL of them. Other advice that didn’t work for us would be cold wash rags and rubbing her gums (do not try this! My teething monster almost bit my digits off!).

I’m sure you’ve heard all babies are different by now so you know what works for us may not work for you. I’ll send a little silent prayer up for you to make it through another day with a teething toddler. Good luck and please do NOT comment telling me how one day your little one woke up with a full set of teeth and he never made a peep.




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Katie Reply

Great tips! Teething is such a rough time. And I hear ya about the scream crying- my oldest would go from 0-60. There was no build up. He was either happy or mad at the world so we grew to know scream crying very well!

    thistoddlerlife Reply

    Scream crying is the worst! So glad it doesn’t last long. Thanks for stopping by Katie xx

Daniela Reply

This is awesome and all very true! Great blog

    thistoddlerlife Reply

    Some of this stuff I couldn’t make up if I tried! Who knew being a parent would be so entertaining… for other people! Thanks Daniela xx

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