Last week I wrote all about how you can have a Montessori Christmas (read more here). I listed volunteering in your community as one of the ways to celebrate the holidays. I’d like to talk more about ways we can be thankful or show our children what kindness is with random acts of kindness for toddlers.

Have you heard of the phrase “random act of kindness”? I’m sure you have heard your friend say how someone paid for their Starbucks and then he paid it forward by buying the guy behind him his Starbucks. Well, this is a concept I thought would be nice for toddler’s as well. Obviously, toddlers don’t get Starbucks or have money for that matter so I decided to make a list that you can do with your toddler and they can do them as random acts of kindness.


31 random acts of kindness for toddlers.


You can choose one to do for the week or a day, it is really up to you and your toddler’s comprehension of the task. There are 31 items on the list so I suggest aiming for one a day for a whole month of kindness! What a better way to teach empathy, kindness, and compassion than to practice them every day for a whole month!


  1. Wash dishes.
  2. Donate a toy to charity.
  3. Cook breakfast.
  4. Leave a picture in a library book.
  5. Feed the birds.
  6. Bake for the elderly.
  7. Plant something.
  8. Donate old clothes.
  9. Smile at as many people as you can.
  10. Make play dough for a friend.
  11. Donate books to the library.
  12. High five your friends.
  13. Send postcards to grandparents.
  14. Leave kindness stones around town.
  15. Sing songs at a nursing home.
  16. Turn water off when brushing teeth.
  17. Tell garbage man thank you with a bottle of water.
  18. Donate a new outfit to a foster child.
  19. Give someone a hug.
  20. Call a distant relative.
  21. Tell the people you love that you love them.
  22. Leave crayons and a coloring book in a dr office waiting room.
  23. Help make a quilt to donate.
  24. Tell a friend a joke.
  25. Pick up trash at the park.
  26. Cut coupons and leave them in the store next to the product.
  27. Take cookies to the fire department.
  28. Share stickers while out and about.
  29. Draw a picture for someone.
  30. Say thanks.
  31. Join a community garden.

Have you practiced any of these random acts of kindness with your toddler before? I’d love to know more, let me know in the comments!

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