Practical Life Activities

Welcome to Montessori Mondays with Holly! We are talking about practical life activities. This is the easiest way to bring Montessori into your home without spending lots of money! We want to bring practical life activities that make your life easier, not harder!

During this session of Montessori Mondays with Holly, we talked about tips to make practical life activities easier! Watch the show above and click here to join the Facebook group.


Practical Life Activities

Practical Life Activities

Practical life activities are the cheapest and easiest way to bring Montessori into your home. This is the best stepping stone into the Montessori way of life. Sometimes practical life can seem like a chore to busy parents. This is not how a child sees practical life activities. They see it as belonging or a purpose in their family home.

They are excited and happy to contribute to the family home. These tips will help to bring practical life activities into your home easier and not harder!

Tip 1 Don’t Share Tools

The number one tip is don’t share tools. Your child should have their own set of child-size materials. For instance, window washing. If you have a large spray bottle it can be hard for your child to properly hold the bottle. If you get the appropriate size your child will have much more success! They won’t have that frustration and will be able to figure it out a lot easier.

When you do this you are separating the tools you use. You can intermix in some instances. I suggest having each material have one purpose. For instance, if you have a dust brush, that brush is for your child, not you. Your child uses that special material for dusting then they get to put it away in a special spot that’s just for them.

This helps with the sensitive period for order. This keeps everything nice and neat in the environment. Your child will want things in a certain place. You’ll start to notice they will be upset if the item is not where they normally find it.

On our practical life activity list, we have lots of ideas for your to start these practical life activities at home. Some items you might notice you let your kids do without realizing it’s Montessori.

Tip 2 Bring Your Patience

If you are having a bad very stressed out day then this probably isn’t the day to pull out some practical life activities. Give yourself a little space and know when you need a break from doing that type of activity as well. As a parent, we can feel a lot of guilt when we miss out on certain activities. We have to learn to go with the flow as well. We follow the child’s lead but we need to learn to follow our own lead as well.

If we feel disconnected from any sort of patience that day then it’s best to wait until the next day. Give yourself some grace about it. It’s ok not to be perfect every day. Wait for a day until you are having a good day and have some patience. Then you can choose some of the harder practical life activities.

Even activities like getting dressed. If it takes your child 20 minutes to put their shoes on then you can ask if they want a little collaboration on days you don’t have that patience. On days that you do then you can give them that space and give them the 20 minutes.

Tip 3 Be Prepared

Don’t invite your child if you are not ready for them yet. This always brings me back to food preparation. If you go into the kitchen with your child and if you haven’t prepared anything they’re going to lose interest before you even get started. For instance, making muffins. You have to get all of the ingredients and materials out. All of that should be out on the counter and ready to go when you invite your child into the kitchen.

This is because that’s where they are going to be doing the work. But if you are asking them to wait you are going to lose your patience because they are going to be getting into stuff they shouldn’t be and losing interest. Refining the activity that you want to be working on in the food prep section is really important.

Even something simple like peeling eggs. If you want your child to help you peel those eggs you wouldn’t invite them in while the eggs are boiling and have them wait. You would invite them in when they are done cooling off.


Practical Life Activities


Don’t forget to download your practical life activity list. There are so many activities that are easy to incorporate.

Have you been practicing practical life activities at home? What is your child’s favorite practical life activity?



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