Level 1
Birth - 3.5 Months

Nurture and grow your child’s concentration, right from birth.

Level 2
3-6.5 Months

Help your child gain control and mastery of their hands and core.

Level 3
5-10.5 Months

Support your child’s developing movement while they build cognitive skills.

Level 4
9-13.5 Months

Experiment with cause and effect to boost your child’s memory and spatial reasoning.

Level 5
13-17.5 Months

Explore mathematical relationships to build your child’s foundational understanding.

Level 6
18-22.5 Months

Encourage problem solving as your child learns to imagine and execute plans.

Level 7
23-28 Months

Foster your child’s independence through fine and gross motor challenges.

Level 8
29-36 Months

Exercise your child’s executive function which is among the greatest predictors of success in school and life.

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