3 Montessori Mindset Shifts

Montessori Mindset Shifts For Your Toddlers

Is your toddler in the let me do it myself stage? I know, I know – it’s exciting and scary all at the same time. And it’s EXACTLY what I addressed in my recent Monday’s Montessori LIVE training! (If you want to catch these trainings truly, LIVE so you can interact and ask me questions directly, be sure you are a part of my free, Montessori Toddlers Facebook Group.)

In this training, I give you 3 tips to help you shift your mindset when it comes to parenting and help you stay calm, cool, and collected as your toddler explores their independence.

So if this sounds interesting to you; Be sure to watch the short video below, or keep reading.


1.) The mindset of freedom of choice.

Parenting is hard enough as it is. So why not make things easier? The more we tell our toddlers “no” the harder we’re making things. Now, this doesn’t mean that we just give in, and say “yes” to everything our children’s hearts desire. What it DOES mean, is that we give our children reasonable, limited choices so they feel they have the power of choosing. An example of this, would be a snack station. Instead of giving your child the choice of ANY food in the kitchen or pantry, set up a snack station with foods you’re comfortable with your child having access too and allow them freedom of choice within that station. (More on setting up Montessori stations here.)

2.) Have clear boundaries.

Do you know what your boundaries are? For instance, does it really matter to you if your child wears their shirt backwards all day? If not, let it go and watch your child’s independence grow. Even if you know your boundaries and you’ve given choices remember; Your child is going through some massive growth right now and they need your support. If you lose your cool it’s going to be that much harder for your child to calm down too. Remember they aren’t doing it to us and we get to be there to support them through their big feelings.

3.) The mindset of freedom of movement.

When our toddlers have the freedom to explore their world it will bring out their natural curiosity; Which is a good thing! We just need to make sure we have a “yes” space that’s created for them to keep them safe.


Do you already subscribe to some of these mindsets? If so, I’d love to hear; How do you allow your child freedom of choice and movement while still setting boundaries?

Are you struggling with other mindsets? That’s okay too! I’d also love to hear what you mindset work you’re doing.

If you’re ready to implement these mindset shifts and receive some more easy, actionable steps to create a Montessori aligned home be sure to join me for my FREE 4 Days to a Montessori Home challenge. But don’t hesitate to sign up because we start Monday, April 4!

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