For as long as I’ve been practicing Montessori there has been a social debate going on, Montessori vs Traditional. It should come as no surprise that I’m here to tell you why Montessori is better! And I’ve got the facts below to prove it!


Montessori is better for your toddler.


Why Montessori is Better


Montessori Children have an Advantage

If you’ve already been practicing Montessori at home then you will know the benefits it brings. If you’re just getting started have a look at what the National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector has put together:


“Montessori parents know first-hand how this approach to education supports and nurtures children’s
development in all areas: physical, intellectual, language, and social-emotional. Scientific research confirms that
Montessori children have an advantage not only academically, but also in social and emotional development.”

I don’t know about you but giving my child an advantage is always high on my list.


Montessori Children have Higher Academic and Social Scores

Still unsure? Check out this graph:


Why Montessori is Better

The article is a summary of 12-year-old students’ academic and social scores compared to a Montessori school to other elementary school education programs.


Montessori Children are Better Able to see the World Through Others’ Eyes

This next summary was reported in The Times (London) September 29, 2006 and is an extract from an article by Alexandra Frean.


  • Pupils who learn at their own pace in Montessori schools may have an advantage over those in traditional classrooms
  • By the age of five, children at Montessori schools are better at basic word recognition and mathematics and are more likely to play co-operatively with other children. By the age of 12, they are more creative and better able to resolve social problems
  • Academically, they end up in the same place or better as non-Montessori children, but they are much better at getting on in a community.
  • Among the five year olds, Montessori students not only performed significantly better in maths and English, but were also better able to see the world through others’ eyes and performed better on “executive function”, which is the ability to adapt to change and approaching complex problems.
  • By the age of twelve, the difference in academic scores between the two groups was less pronounced. The Montessori children, however, wrote more creative essays, selected more positive responses to social dilemmas and reported a more positive sense of community at their school.
    Science Vol 3131 29 September 2006

There’s that word again, advantage. Are you seeing a common theme yet?


Montessori Children Achieve Higher Scores for Academic and Behavioral Tests

Here’s another graph that makes it easy to see all the research above:


Why Montessori is better

These results are from for 5-year-olds. Montessori students achieved higher scores [converted to average z scores (18)] for both academic and behavioral tests.


Montessori Children View their Learning Environment & Community Very Positively

Now just one more example of research that proves why Montessori is better:


” The Montessori approach has been investigated by many independent academic researchers.  In some studies, tests have been undertaken to validate the method’s capacity to deliver high quality developmental and educational outcomes. Results indicate Montessori students report a significantly better quality of experience in schooling than their traditional counterparts and perceive their learning environment and community very positively. ”


Why Montessori is better for you toddler.


So in short, YES Montessori works!

Yes, Montessori has worked for my family.

Yes, I’ve worked with thousands of parents to help Montessori work for them.

And YES Montessori can work for your family too!


Are you interested in Montessori but still have questions? Add them in the comments below and let’s see if we can get them answered!

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Sue Denym Reply

I 100% agree! Montessori for the early years is absolutely the way to go! Lovely article!

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