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We are on week 3 of our Montessori Inspired Activity Series and I’ve got one of the more challenging activities that we have done for you. Click the image below to get your Color Matching Cards emailed to you now. 🙂

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Color Matching Activity #1

This Montessori inspired activity is best used at 18+ or around that time. Although, each child learns at his or her own pace so your child may be better suited to start prior to or after this suggested age.

The idea is to get your toddler to start recognizing colors. Your child will be matching the color card to different household items.

What you will need:

Once you have printed the Color Match Cards cut them out so there is 8 cards total. I don’t suggest using all cards at once. In fact, if you are just at the beginning stages of color recognition you should stick with one or two colored cards at a time.

Lay out the card or cards you plan on matching. Then make a mix and match pile of all the items from around your house. Your child can dump a basket of items out or you can prepare the pile for them.

Then demonstrate how to match an item with its color. If your child does not begin the activity explain to them what you are doing and then demonstrate another color match.

If you are only using one card make sure to only use matching color items and one other color, so you do not distract or overwhelm your child with too many options.


Color Matching Activity #2

You can also use these cards for another fun Montessori inspired color match game. Your child will need to be able to open a clothes pin properly to play this game.

This time you will need to print out two sets of color cards. Cut out two sets of the colored rectangles only (no words or white space). You can then attach one set of colored rectangles with glue or tape to a clothes pin and glue or tape the other set on a piece of cardboard.

Your child will then attach each colored clothes pin to the correct color after you have modeled it for them.

You can also do a more simplified version of this by matching each color card to another of the same colored card. Just lay out 4 colored cards at a time and give your child the same 4 colored cards to match with the ones that are laid out.


Color Trays

You can also use the cards for single Montessori inspired color trays by preparing color-coded trays. Place one Color Match Card in a tray with similar colored items to complete the tray. Have your child discover different items with each color themed tray.

Montessori color matching cards

There are so many ways to use these color cards. I look forward to hearing about how you decided to use them in your home.

Be sure to head back for next week’s post where I will show you an awesome activity to introduce letters.

Have you used any sort of color recognition games to help your child? If so let me know in the comments, we are always looking for new activities at our house!


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