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While I was pregnant with my daughter I was researching everything I could! Anything and everything that came to my mind I had to know the answer. I suppose it comes along with the whole motherhood gig, doesn’t it?

How do I breastfeed?

How do I wash cloth diapers?

Should I get an epidural?

Now that I have had my baby and she is a toddler, I still research a million things a week but the topics are a bit different.

How do I potty train?

How do I wean off breastfeeding?

Why isn’t my toddler sleeping?

Mom Life Live is a series of video trainings created for moms, by moms. We are focused on supporting moms though their motherhood journey.

Mom Life Live

I’ve come to the realization that no matter the stage of motherhood you will always have questions that need answering. The problem with this is that you don’t always have a place to go to when you need to ask questions.

If you are really lucky you have a few besties that are in the same situation as you (breeding) and you can talk to them about it but many of us feel quite alone in motherhood. I know I had some trouble coping with my new role for many different reasons and I would’ve absolutely loved for someone to just tell me exactly how it is.

None of that sugar coated “Oh you will be a great parent, it will come naturally”. Why should it just come naturally? I mean think about it. Everything else in life we do we have to go to school for or at least have some sort of training for. So why are women expected to just figure it out for themselves?

I know there are some resources that can help moms in times of need but let’s face it who has time to read a 1000 page book about potty training? And who’s to say that it even works?

Wouldn’t it be great if someone was just real with you?


Live Video Training

This is the exact reason that  This Mom Life (a Facebook group full of lovely mamas) has started something called Mom Life Live.

Mom Life Live is a series of live video trainings that support mamas in all walks of motherhood. We will be discussing everything from pregnancy to teenagers. The main goal for these live trainings are to create a support group of mamas that help each other out and keep each other in the know. ALL FOR FREE!! That’s right mamas no strings attached here just join us for some much-needed mama education.

After each live training there will be a live Q&A so if your question didn’t get answered don’t worry.

Mom Life Live trainings will start Monday, May 1st at 8 pm EST and run every Monday night in the This Mom Life Facebook group thereafter.




Claim Your Seat!

Here’s what you need to do to ensure you get a spot at these live trainings:

  1. Subscribe to This Toddler Life.
  2. Join This Mom Life FB group.
  3. Tune in Monday to watch Mom Life Live in the FB group.

Easy as pie!

Upcoming Topics

Our upcoming schedule includes some amazing mamas who are willing to share all the mama knowledge they have already learned. Just in the first month, you can look forward to topics such as:

  • Breastfeeding Support
  • Balancing Life w/Baby
  • Mindful Parenting
  • Realistic Crafts
  • Feelings of Failure

We will be having guest hosts as well as admin from This Mom Life coaching each training session so you can ensure that each training will be a jam-packed resource. There is nothing stopping you from learning it all!


What areas would you like to see live video trainings on? What do you struggle with as a mother? Leave your answer in the comments.



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Paula from Her Life Is Love Reply

This sounds like a wonderful idea! Unfortunately the time doesn’t work for me to watch a live video. I hope the first session went well!

The Sun Mama Reply

What a fantastic idea for moms of littles!!! I wish there had been something like this when my boys were small! 🙂

Addison Reply

I am so excited for y’all. What a great idea.

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