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What is Montessori toilet learning?

Montessori at Home With Your 15 Month Old - 18 Month Old

What is Montessori Toilet Learning? Toilet learning is a hot topic that we see a lot of questions about in our Montessori Toddlers Facebook group, which is exactly why I wanted to sit down with the toilet learning guru, Carol of The Bambini Method. Before COVID, Carol taught in the Montessori setting for more than […]

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3 Montessori Mindset Shifts

Montessori Mindset Shifts For Your Toddlers

Is your toddler in the let me do it myself stage? I know, I know – it’s exciting and scary all at the same time. And it’s EXACTLY what I addressed in my recent Monday’s Montessori LIVE training! (If you want to catch these trainings truly, LIVE so you can interact and ask me questions […]

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How to use a Montessori Work Period at Home

work period

Confused about what a work period is and how to implement it in your home vs. a classroom? Want to know when and how long your child should have access to their materials on the shelves? Just wondering when you can let them have free range of their toys? If any of these questions are […]

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