9 Reasons I Love Being a Montessori Mom.

Being a Montessori mom is one of the most rewarding ways to parent. If you haven’t heard of Montessori I URGE you to check it out. You can learn more about Montessori here. 

There are several ways to incorporate Montessori into your everyday life and I’d love you to start with this Age-Appropriate Activity List!

Montessori Activity List

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When I think about Montessori I usually think about all the benefits it brings to my daughter but today I want to talk about what benefits it has as a mother. I could go on and on about all the reasons why I love being a Montessori mom but I will stick with my top picks for today.

Why I Love Being A Montessori Mom


1. No loud flashy annoying plastic toys laying around.

Is it just me or is this not the best thing ever? I love not having to constantly buy batteries for dead toys. I love not having to listen to the same song over and over again. The less loud and flashy, the better!

2. Being a Montessori mom is less stressful.

The calm, peaceful nature of the prepared Montessori home creates a feeling of well-being you won’t often find in traditional homes.

3. Having mutual respect between parent and child.

This one took me a while to catch on to but now that I have shown my child respect she has done the same. We can have a conversation, of sorts, with minimal crying, screaming and tantrums because we speak to each other with respect.

4. I never have to cook dinner alone.

Practical life activities are one of the best ways to be involved with Montessori. My daughter will wash the fruit and vegetables for me and even peel a potato! Including her in the cooking process is a win win for this family!


9 reasons why i love being a Montessori mom


5. Minimalist lifestyle.

Since we are minimalists we don’t particularly like a lot of things piling up around the house. If there is no use for it, we don’t keep it around. This is the same for Montessori and we happily practice this in our home.

6. Love Having help cleaning up.

Another reason practical life skills are the best is cleaning! Having your child help in the cleanup process whether it be the laundry, the dishes, or scrubbing the tub will all lead to independence in your toddler.

7. Watching my child explore the outdoors.

Seeing as we love the outdoors so much we were very happy to adopt Montessori, a method of education that supports being outdoors and in nature as much as possible.

8. Having an independent child.

Independence is one of the most important qualities we can help our toddlers learn. Letting them gain confidence in independence will stay with them for a lifetime.

9.  Watching daughter’s confidence grow.

As I mentioned above, independence grows confidence and that is something we strive for. Confidence is something every child will need growing up in a world of constant change.


Being Montessori mom


Tell me why you love being a Montessori mom! Leave me a message in the comments I would love to hear from you.


Montessori Activity List

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Annie Reply

I decided to start as I felt overwhelmed by stuff, mainly kids toys and my office reminded me of storage wars (though it was no where near as bad it felt bad to me eg, only a path to walk to the window). What made you start your minimalism journey?

    thistoddlerlife Reply

    I think I have always been a natural minimalist. I like to travel so I move quite often. This really helps to keep down on my consumerism. Although, with a child added to the mix it is a lot harder to keep things under control. haha

Annie Reply


I love montessori, though I just realised there was a name for it though my kids still have flashy toys with batteries etc, I hate plastic toys and i’m slowly downsizing the amount of toys and replacing some of them with wooden toys. I started my minimalist journey about 6mths ago now.

I love montessori because our home is alot calmer, my children are both indepedent which is good. I’ve always included my children in things that need to be done around the house eg. baking, vacuming, feeding pets – they wanted to help so I never said no.

    thistoddlerlife Reply

    I 100% agree with all of this! I love how much calmer my home feels now, as well. What made you decide to start with your minimalist journey?

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