While I know the common suggestion for things to do while baby naps is to “sleep while baby sleeps”, it’s just not a reality for me. Besides the fact that I have a toddler now I can’t really justify, to myself, sleeping for 3 hours a day. Beyond that, I’ve got better things to do, like making lists. My husband mentioned this the other day and it got me thinking, does he think I just sit around and nap all day?



When my girl was a wee baby you bet your cute little behind I was sleeping when she was. 20 whole minutes of bliss. Now that she’s older and sleeps through the night (on her good days) it’s much easier to turn my nose up at an afternoon nap. I also really hate being woken up. I’d prefer to only do that once a day. So, I’ve come up with some things to do while your bub naps that are much more important than sleep. Now before my sleeping beauty wakes up let’s get to the list…




I know it’s a bit of a cliché with us moms. But honestly, when was your last cup of Joe anything but luke warm? I actually burnt my tongue the other day because I forgot it’s supposed to be that hot.



This one is just easier done alone. Painting your nails with a toddler whose separation anxiety kicks in if you leave the room for more than 1 second is a challenge. You also don’t want to claw your significant other to death while sleeping.



Or anything other than cartoons.



This is by far my favorite! Now that my sweet little chicken is a toddler she wants to eat everything I’m eating. Which means my breakfast of chips and ice cream is on hold for a few more years.



This isn’t out of necessity like it was when my big girl was a baby baby but more for relaxation. Sure, I can shower while my sweet potato is playing with her toys tubside but then I have to keep one eye open while shampooing and I’m willing to bet I’m not the only one who doesn’t like soap in my eye.



To each their own here. If you want to run a half marathon on your treadmill in 2 hours, go for it. Personally, I like a nice 20-minute yoga DVD to get me relaxed for my chips and ice cream.



This is a great time to check your social media. I hate when I miss something on those buy/sell/trade posts and some other lucky SAHM gets that $5 wooden kitchen set. Also, my grandma posts on Facebook and that’s some funny stuff I wouldn’t want to miss out on.



Get your nose in a book! I love reading so much. I’ve been on a roll lately with one good book after the next. If you need suggestions I’m your gal. You could also read things like magazines or you know, this blog 🙂 Check out A Montessori Inspired Life eBook!


Notice I did NOT say clean. I know that’s something we think we need to do but we need to start thinking of this differently. For instance, the risk of waking my sleeping angel with the clanging of dishes is way too high. Vacuuming is out for obvious reasons. Sometimes I don’t even flush the toilet while my boo bear is sleeping so there’s no way I’m cleaning it. Besides, nap time should be me time. Let’s face it, that’s the only chance we are going to get at it.




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Kristina DeSimone Reply

I never comment but omg this article made me feel so much better about nap time. I have an 18 month old little bubs and while he naps I sometimes just sit drink hot coffee and scroll lol and for some reason always felt guilty! I take him out every day something new for him to explore I play with him he is fed happy and healthy but I still feel guilty. He is napping now lol I looked up “what do moms do when toddlers nap”. Came across this…thankyou????

    Colleen H Reply

    Kristina, oh this was so great to read! Thank you for sharing the kind words, and I’m happy we could provide some peace of mind. Enjoy that nap time <3

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