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If you haven’t heard of the want need wear read gift ideas for Christmas, let me explain it to you. Instead of buying your child, husband or anyone else in your family for that matter, every single thing they want on their wish list you focus on four categories with one gift for each.

Want is something your family member wants. Need is something your family member needs. Wear is something your family member can wear. And lastly, read, is something your family member can read.

Some of you may be thinking that should be easy to come up with four gifts but for those of you who have trouble gift-giving, I thought I’d help you out with this perfect list of things your family might want, need, wear or read.


11 perfect want need wear read gift ideas for Christmas.





I personally love the idea of a trampoline, so much so that we didn’t wait for Christmas to get our 20-month-old daughter one. She loves it! We built the trampoline only about a foot off the ground so she can get on and off herself. Talk about gross motor skills!

Or check out the balance bikes. Perfect for learning the new skill of riding a bike!

If you are looking at keeping things on the more reasonable side of the budget I would definitely check out some year-round passes to the Children’s museum, Zoo or a subscription box that you can use all year long! The gift that keeps on giving! All in all this section should be the easiest, the person will most likely just tell you what they want.


I would consider something like a learning tower a need for a toddler. These are considered a need in my house as they are so helpful in creating independence and practicing practical life skills with your little one.

You may also need a small child size table and chairs for your little one.

A toddler bed is always something to consider for a need as well. The average age a child switches from their crib is between 3-4 years according to www.babysleepsite.com.


If you want to get only one item here I’d go for a more expensive item such as a good winter coat. Something that you don’t get every day.


If you follow a more minimalist lifestyle you will want to stick to one outfit or maybe just some undergarments.



A nice pair of new shoes is always a good gift no matter your age.




Books are one of my favorite gifts to give. They are popular all year round and rarely cost a fortune. You can think outside the box on this one and get a magazine subscription or a sticker book for the kids if they aren’t able to read yet.


There you have it. The perfect want need wear read gift ideas for toddlers. Have you decided to practice this Christmas theme this year? Let me know in the comments what you think.

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