10 Montessori Food Preparation Activities For Toddlers by Bérénice Saint-Saëns

An Infant/Toddler Teacher Bérénice Saint-Saëns

I discovered Montessori, received my International Montessori teacher certification (AMI), and became an Infant/Toddler teacher. I eventually transitioned out of the classroom to join a company I love, Monti Kids, where I help families to bring education into their homes starting at birth.

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While I am no longer in the classroom, one of my favorite things in my Montessori Toddler classroom was observing the children prepare their own snack everyday.




Food preparation activities for children, especially between the ages of 0-3 years, are not only fun to do and observe, but they are also so important for a young child’s development.

Such activities allow a child to:

  • Feel a sense of belonging to their community
  • Support the development of their coordinated movements
  • Learn to care for themselves.

Additionally, through food preparation activities, a child is able to refine their senses, which is so important since they learn through their experiences which are absorbed through their senses at this young age.

“Cooking with real food allows a child to understand where food comes from.”


Cooking with real food allows a child to understand where food comes from Cooking with real food allows a child to understand where food comes from Cooking with real food allows a child to understand where food comes from


Often, I see many children playing at home or in other classroom environments using kitchen sets and fake food. While this may be fun, it removes so many of the important aspects that cooking with real food offers. Giving a child the opportunity to understand and engage in the process of preparing a meal is so beneficial.

Cooking with real food allows a child to understand where food comes from. For instance, when a child squeezes oranges to make juice, they not only feel the different textures of the fruit, smell the orange, and see the juice come out, but they also get to reap the benefits of their hard work, as they enjoy a fresh glass of orange juice!

Sensorial education helps a child understand food and where it comes from. Additionally, these activities are opportunities for language development (names of the food, explanation about the different parts of the food, colors, smells, and the instruments we use to work with the food, etc.), and mathematics can also be incorporated!

A friend of mine once said, “A child must learn ‘what is’ before ‘what if.’” Let’s give our children real food activities, so that they may ask as many “what is” questions!


10 Montessori Food Preparation Activities For Toddlers

  1. Spreading cheese on crackers/English muffins/bagels
  2. Baking bread/muffins/scones
  3. Slicing fruit (apples, bananas, melon)
  4. Peeling & slicing hard-boiled eggs
  5. Squeezing citrus to make juice or flavored water
  6. Making guacamole
  7. Sorting fruit
  8. Slicing cheese
  9. Making mini-pizza
  10. Peeling & slicing carrots


What Montessori food preparation activities for your toddler have you been working on at home? Leave a comment below and share with us your fun ideas!


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Harlow's Harvest Reply

This is a great list of activities to encourage kids to cook and enhance their skills.

    Colleen H Reply

    Thank you for the kind words! xx TTL Team Member

Pat Reply

I’m looking for the self care sink that hooks on to side of bathtub. What do I google to find it? I tried several different names but can’t come up wit it.

    Holly Reply

    From what I can tell it is a French product called “lavabo d’apprentissage blanc” or “Learning Sink white”. I couldn’t find any other link than too a french website. Sorry I couldn’t help more!

Abby Reply

Hi! What learning tower for the kitchen do you suggest? There are so many options and having a hard time deciding. Thanks!

    Holly Reply

    I’d choose something that fits your kitchen. Some of them can take up quite a bit of space. We made a DIY one from the IKEA step stool. It is fairly slim and fits in our kitchen corner nicely. 🙂

Grannyh Reply

Admitting to feeling amazed when I learned that my toddler Grandson was able to peel his own egg to eat with toasted bagel he had prepared. So proud & happy that he is supported by a Montessori environment. He shares his skill now with his 16 mos old sister. He loves making bread with his mom.

    Holly Reply

    Awe that’s fantastic! I love hearing about all the amazing benefits Montessori brings to our little ones! xx

Shereen Reply

I let my child
Spread cheese
Cut bannanes
Peeling hard bolied eggs

    Holly Reply

    Thank you for sharing! Peeling eggs is a great way to work on those concentration skills! xx

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